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Innovation from the Ground Up | The Future of Modular Pods

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Kondor’s new SIPS Tiled Pod, an industry first, providing all-round improved performance. No external steel frame required, low profile floor, 30% lighter than a steel frame alternative.

Unique construction methods

Envisaged and produced by the Kondor team, a market first providing many benefits over alternative pod building methods.

Traditional internal tiled finish without an external steel frame

No limit to your interior specification in our Sips Tiled Pod.

Thin floor (10mm + finishes)

A steel framed floor with a 10mm thin steel plate provides a flush door entry opportunity for your build without the need to create a recess to accommodate (as you would with traditional steel frame or concrete pods).

Fully thermally insulated panel

The walls are made from a sandwich composite with a 50mm thick Ravatherm XPS core providing ready-insulated walls for thermal and sound efficiency built in. Thermal Conductivity of 0.033 W/m.K and a weighted sound index rating of 30db through the walls (44db through the ceiling) which would improve even further once lined externally with plasterboard.

CNC machined panel, extremely accurate structure tolerances

Such accuracies eliminate build errors and post delivery/fitting problems for a speedier install.

OSB external skin so you can plasterboard direct

Steel frame pods often cause post delivery fitting issues when boarding or joining due to pre-set frame locations. Kondor’s OSB external skin allows you to plasterboard direct to the surface and screw-fix in almost any position.

Cables and pipes routed within the wall, no external pipework

Where required, any cables and/or pipework will be recessed within the wall, routed from the outside for pin-point accuracy. If external cabling or pipework is required then this can be accommodated also.

Pre-stropped for easy crane connection

This eliminates the need to climb to fix crane lifting chains to the
top of the pod as per alternative construction methods. This increases
speed of loading/unloading as well as improved health and safety standards.

30% lighter than steel frame pod

Eliminating any external frame requirement, and with Kondor’s light-weight wall structure, these Pods are typically 30% lighter than an equivalent pod with a steel structure and significantly lighter than a concrete pod.

Lower cost than alternative build methods

Kondor’s SIP Tiled Pod building methods allows for increased accuracy, quicker construction and less labour, all contributing to a lower cost per pod when compared to alternative build methods, without compromising on the interior specification.

Pegler Tectite (or similar) pex barrier pipe with aluminium core

The use of multi-layer composite tubing ensures long life, high performance and greatly reduced system noise, as well swift and efficient installation.

Pegler Tectite (or similar) brass push fit fittings

Ensures quick installation, perfectly clean internal bores and top quality connections on your finished pod, in transit and in situ.